Mood Matters

Mood Matters

Preventing depression is everyone’s business

Everyone has mental health and everyone can take steps to prevent depression and improve their mental health.

In June 2010, we launched Mood Matters, our campaign to encourage people to take small steps to improve their mood and prevent depression from occuring. We asked 600 people what they thought about preventing depression and 89% said they thought it was possible to prevent depression in some cases.

About Mood Matters

Welcome to Mood Matters! This category is about steps you can take to improve your mood and prevent problems like depression from occurring.

Do you ever feel like everything is getting on top of you? If so, you’re not alone. Life can sometimes leave all of us feeling like things are too much. When you feel like this, taking action now can stop things building up and getting worse later on.

On this category you’ll find our menu of small steps you can take to improve your mood and cope better with feeling low or depressed and with difficult times in your life. You can comment on these and on people’s personal menu for mood. You can also add your own tips for improving your mood.

What’s on your menu?

What makes you feel better and lifts your mood? Fill in this form, tell us what you would put on the menu for mood and we may use it on this site! Use a nickname if you don’t want us to use your name. You can also use this form to ask us a question. If you’d prefer, you can email us at instead.

Campaign resources

Menu for Mood

Welcome to the menu for mood. You can pick and chose the items you would find most helpful to lift your mood. You can also comment on the choices and add your own.

1. Give yourself an MOT!

People rarely take the time to go along to the doctor for a general wellbeing check-up. There is no such thing as good health without mental health so why not make that visit? It is good to rule out any other health issues which may be adding to low mood and to discuss what support is on offer through your local GP surgery. Read more about speaking to your GP. Continue reading →

Mood Matters Press release

Scottish survey highlights acute demand for access to depression prevention programmes

Press release – June 2010.

Preventing Depression is Everybody’s Business

  • Survey shows that taking control of your own mood is vital to preventing depression
  • Depression Alliance Scotland launches “Mood Matters” campaign to raise awareness of options that people can do to improve their mood and assist in the prevention of depression
  • 93% of people would be willing to take part in a depression prevention programme

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AOD Week 2012

This year’s Action on Depression week will take place from 18 – 24 June 2012 and will be a ‘low key/no cost’ event. We will use the week to raise awareness of depression, the effect it can have or people’s lives, what action people can take, our organisation and what we do.
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AOD Week 2011


On 15th June 2011 leading depression charity Depression Alliance Scotland is renamed as Action on Depression, launching a major new campaign and fundraising initiative to highlight why everyone in Scotland can and should take action on depression.
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