Action on Depression promotes self-management, recovery and peer support.

Depression affects us all

In Scotland, an estimated 1 in 5 of us will experience Depression. This means 1,250,000 people living in Scotland will be affected. Potentially 500,000 Scots are currently experiencing varying symptoms of Depression and half of these will not have any help or support.

Find Local Support – Turn up, you’ll be made to feel very welcome


Ferryhill Community Centre, Albury Road, Aberdeen.
Meets every second Wednesday evening, first meeting November 2nd
For more information please;
Email: aod.aberdeen@gmail.com
Phone: 07945 237195


Strathyre House, 42 Prestwick Road, Ayr.
Meets every second Monday, next meeting 19th September 2016 and fortnightly thereafter (3rd October)


Methodist Church, Nicolson Square, Edinburgh.
Meets every second Tuesday from 7pm to 8.45pm

Fort William – Self Help and Recovery in Fort William

Lochaber Hope, Nevis Bank (Old Nevis Bank Nursery), Belford Road, Fort William.
Meets Monday 24th October, Monday 28th October, Monday 19th December from 6pm to 7.30pm

Glasgow – Self Help and Recovery In Glasgow

Quaker Meeting House, 38 Elmbank Crescent, Glasgow.
Meets on selected Tuesdays from 7pm to 8.45pm Please email: glasgowsharing@gmail.com and you will be automatically sent a welcome and information message.

West Lothian

Crofthead Farm, Livingston.
1st Wednesday of every month from 6.30-8.30pm

Crisis Support


Free call within UK 116 123
Available 24/7.

Breathing Space

Free call within UK 0800 838 587
Mon-Thur 6pm-2am; Fri 6pm-Mon 6am.

Citizens Advice Direct

Free call within UK 0808 800 9060
Mon-Fri 9am-8pm; Sat 10am-2pm.


Free call within UK 111
Available 24/7.


Local rate call 0300 304 7000
6-11pm daily.

What is Depression ?

Depression is an illness.

It is not a sign of weakness and cannot just be ‘snapped out of’. Everyone feels low from time to time and may say they feel depressed but that’s not necessarily Depression. Symptoms will be different for every person but they may include, feeling negative and hopeless about your life and the future, feeling guilty bad or inadequate, poor concentration and lack of energy or motivation.

Recovery from Depression

When you are Depressed, it may seem impossible that you will ever feel better. These thoughts and feelings are very common; however the majority of people who have Depression do recover. And many say they gain self-belief from having survived an extremely difficult challenge!

Our service concentrates on Depression and its effects. We maintain an expertise and wealth of knowledge around the subject of Depression and are not a generic mental health and wellbeing charity. That said, mental wellbeing is everyone’s business and promoting good working practice, raising awareness about keeping well and self-management of existing mental health issues is an important aspect of our work.

Action on Depression offers proactive steps towards tackling Depression and promotes wellbeing across Scotland.

We do this by:

Delivering a structured programme

Our programme includes learning and self-management opportunitie

Supporting individuals and groups

Multiple levels of support are available

Enabling access to resources

…including online courses and learning materials.

Our Ethos

  • We actively encourage people with lived experience to help shape the organisation
  • We work collaboratively with partner organisations and stakeholders to develop our services, secure financial sustainability and make changes according to need
  • We deliver person-centred and integrated services which contribute positively to the Scottish Government‘s mental health strategy.

Action on Depression is about ACTION

“We believe that recovery from Depression is possible and that people can live life to the full with hope and optimism.”