• More Courses - Living Life to the Full Courses - Edinburgh -September 2015 Saturday Morning or Tuesday Evening

Held in Central Edinburgh, these 8 week courses will be held either every Tuesday evening from 22nd of September or Saturday morning from 26th September

Please contact us at info@actionondepression.org if you would like to register. (Other dates, times and locations in Edinburgh and the Lothians coming soon)


  • Services

Although Action on Depression does not provide an emergency chat-line service, we are here to help you with safe, trusted, personal, relevant and impartial advice. This may be for friends, family or carers. We can also direct you to other services who can meet your needs.



  • Community - Individuals may need help from others, and we are here to support people in communities

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  • Support Us and LLTTF Course

Would you like to take on a challenge and help us take action on depression? We always welcome public support to mental health charities.



Depression and low mood can affect anyone at any time, regardless of how you look. It doesn't care about how many friends you have or what you do for a living.

Take the first step and find out what options are available. Discover what works for you, and with support recovery from depression is possible.